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Reid Construction specialises in solutions to Lifting, Reinforcing & Fastening

Cast-in Channels, patented and manufactured by Europe's leading supplier of channel connection systems, Halfen Cast-in channels provide fast and easy connection of steel to concrete and concrete to concrete in commercial and residential medium to high rise and industrial developments. Halfen Cast-in channels consist of a large variety profiles and together with the Halfen T-Head Bolts, they provide fixing systems which are second to none. Ideal for any concrete element connections, curtain wall fixing, elevator guide rail connections, electrical and mechanical services.

Supported by Reid Construction Systems, Halfen Cast-In Channel systems make specifying a breeze and are just as easy to use on-site as they are in the precast yard.
Reid Swinglift concrete lifting system provides the safest, simplest, speediest and most cost effective method of lifting and handling precast concrete elements.

Over the years, Reid's system has proven its versatility, operational simplicity and safety in a wide range of applications, from the simplest to the most difficult jobs involving complex tilting and turning movements. Swinglift systems use lifting anchors with a forged spherical head. These are cast into the concrete product with the head recessed below the concrete

surface, protected from damage. The product is lifted by clipping a special hook device "lifting eye" onto the head of the anchor.