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McRoberts Agencies are proud exclusive suppliers of the JG range of quality stainless steel modular handrail components, glass clamps and tubing. Being modular in design, our handrail system negates the need for welding, grinding and polishing your handrail job when the need for bends, angles and joins arises.

Our system offers many advantages over a fully fabricated handrail job:

  • Labour time reduced by more than 1/3
  • Can be supplied in DIY kit form
  • No Specialised tooling required
  • Improved surface finish
  • Lower material costs
  • No drilling required in glass
  • No previous experience required


Elite Built, a quality Australian manufacturer of office storage products, established in 1953 supplies the following:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Plan storage
  • Lockers
  • Rola Files
  • Archive Storage
  • Fire resistant filing cabinets **NEW**

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RONDO offer a truly unique product range at competitive pricing. RONDO systems distributed by McRoberts Agencies across the pacific include:

  • Concealed suspended ceiling systems
  • Exposed grid ceiling systems
  • Steel stud drywall framing systems
  • Aluminium ceiling grid systems
  • Shaftwall one way erected systems
  • Access Panels
  • Building Board Finishing sections
  • RT Render & texture finishing sections
  • Trafficable ceiling system
  • Acoustics: sound isolation assembles


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SIKA, a trusted brand in the supply of cement based products and sealants, McRoberts Agencies can offer the following core products:

Automotive Products: sealants & adhesives, protective coatings

Transportation Products: sealants & adhesives, structural adhesives, silicone, mastic sealants, laminating adhesive, protective coatings

Appliance & Components: Sandwich panel adhesives, fenestration/facade and insulating glass, mastic sealants, self adhesive

Marine Products: sealants & adhesives, contact adhesive, fast curing structural adhesives, butyl mastic sealants, deck levelling vibration dampening, deck maintenance products

Ancillary Items: primers, cleaners and accessories, application equipment

Other Products include: Concrete Admixtures, Form release agents, Surface retarders, evaporation retarders, curing compounds, waterstops, Grouts, Joint sealants, Waterproofing

CSR's Cemintel Commercial Rendaline system is a complete external cladding system that incorporates all of the advantages of lightweight construction with a flush-jointed texture coat finish.

Commercial Rendaline provides a versatile and durable facade that is suitable for an extensive range of commercial and industrial building types. A highly adaptable system, it can be used over most common structural materials such as masonry, pre-cast concrete and steel or timber stud framing.

Cemintel Rendaline sheet is an autoclaved, cellulose firbre reinforced cement sheet. It is 8mm thick and has recesses on the long edges to facilitate concealed joint construction.
The sheets are supported by vertical top hats and fixed with countersunk screws. Rendaline preformed reveals and corners are available for fast installation to reduce on site labour.

Cemintel External Texture Coat is an integral part of the commercial Rendaline system. It is applied to provide a seamless finish that is weatherproof, strong and durable.

  • Supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Residential homes and apartment buildings
  • Warehouses
  • A complete system
  • Lightweight construction
  • Seamless Finish with Cemintel Jointing and coating system
  • Accepts a wide range of colours
  • Drained cavity construction improves durability and building weatherproofing
  • Cost effective lightweight construction
  • Can be fire rated to 60 or 90 minutes
  • Simple steel components ensure fast and easy set out and assembly


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Established since 1958 Crommelins are a reputable supplier of industrial engines and powered products to the agricultural, mining and construction industries:

Engines: 3.5 - 25.0hp

Pumps: 1 - 4" (25-100mm) Petrol, Fire Fighting, Diesel, Trash, Polyester, Stainless Steel

Generators: 2-250kVA: Petrol, Diesel, AVR long range fuel tanks, welder gens, silent inverters, hire packs, overhead valves, Himoinsa, portable, lighting towers

Concreting: Compactors, trowellers, drive units, flex drive pump, vibrator shafts, floor saws, scarifier, portable vibrators, concrete screed, rammers

Flooring: Drum sanders, orbital sanders, edger, nailers, stripper

General Trade: Pressure washers, wallpaper streamer, panel lift, compressor, mixers, bricksaws, paint sprayer, jackhammers, flex sander

Lawncare: Lawncombers, aerator, turfcutters, trencher, brushcutters, blowers, blower vacs, backpack blower, hedgetrimmers, backpack sprayer


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McRoberts Agencies Presents Bluescope Lysaght range of:

  • Roofing Products
  • Walling Products
  • Rainwater Products
  • Structural Products
  • House Framing
  • Home Improvements
  • Fencing Products

Reid Construction specialises in solutions to Lifting, Reinforcing & Fastening

Cast-in Channels, patented and manufactured by Europe's leading supplier of channel connection systems, Halfen Cast-in channels provide fast and easy connection of steel to concrete and concrete to concrete in commercial and residential medium to high rise and industrial developments. Halfen Cast-in channels consist of a large variety profiles and together with the Halfen T-Head Bolts, they provide fixing systems which are second to none. Ideal for any concrete element connections, curtain wall fixing, elevator guide rail connections, electrical and mechanical services.

Supported by Reid Construction Systems, Halfen Cast-In Channel systems make specifying a breeze and are just as easy to use on-site as they are in the precast yard.
Reid Swinglift concrete lifting system provides the safest, simplest, speediest and most cost effective method of lifting and handling precast concrete elements.

Over the years, Reid's system has proven its versatility, operational simplicity and safety in a wide range of applications, from the simplest to the most difficult jobs involving complex tilting and turning movements. Swinglift systems use lifting anchors with a forged spherical head. These are cast into the concrete product with the head recessed below the concrete

surface, protected from damage. The product is lifted by clipping a special hook device "lifting eye" onto the head of the anchor.